Homysun mppt solar charge controller For off grid solar system

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Definition of solar controller

MPPT solar charge controller for offgrid system

A solar panel string will has constant voltage but it’s current is a variation due to the change of sunlight. Therefore solar controller is designed to control electric current from solar panels to charge for batteries, optimize the battery life. It is suitable of offgrid system.

Why Homysun Solar Controller?

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100% MPPT

Real MPPT improves energy efficiency of PV, increases the charging power up to 25% to 35% compared with the PWM method.

Improve Battery Life

Thanks to MPPT charging method, it also helps to maintain the cycle life of batteries, increase using time of any type of battery.

All Of Battery Types

Lithium (especially good for LiFePO4), sealed, flooded, gel with the votage from 12V, 24V, 36V up to 48V system.

High Votage Solar Input

Up to 160V maximum solar voltage input. Forget about DC combiner box. It is so convenience in a long string of PV.

Overheat Protection

When device works in high power, the temperature increases over setting limit, controller reduces charging current.

Input Power Protection

If the PV array power exceeds the rated power, controller will limit the current to protect itself, you should fix this to save it’s life.

Short-circuit Protection

If there is a short-circuit in both input (PV side) or output (DC load), controller will disconnect to protect the rest devices.

PV Reverse-pole

For some unexpected reason, if user makes mistake by connecting wrong polarity of solar panels to controller, it will stop immediately. 

Homysun mppt

About Us

Homysun Solar – We have been in solar business since 2018. Not only Homysun is a developer, but also we are an EPC so we have experience in using purposes. These offgrid projects below were finished on 2019. You can see that we used “all in one” solar inverter. The problem is this version is very very easy broken. That’s why we developed new verion of only MPPT solar controller in a competitive price., separate from the inverter. If you want to talk about DC-AC inverter, we will mention in another topic.

Homysun Projects

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Dong Nai Forest - Offgrid Project

Thinh Hoa - Grid Tied Project

Tri An Boat - Offgrid Project

Kapvina - Grid Tied Project

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